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My name is Theresa Waller.  I am a Reiki Practitioner.  As a formerly-practicing Registered Nurse, I’ve had a very special journey into embracing alternative ways to move and embrace the energy in my own life as well as helping clients, friends and family in theirs.  The word Reiki means Spiritual or Source (Rei) Energy (Ki).  I believe that no matter what a person is going through, they can experience a more peaceful and safeguarded journey by intentionally inviting Reiki into their lives.

During a Reiki session, my hands are placed above or on your body and “Reiki energy” is transmitted to you in this way.  Reiki is a very gentle and noninvasive healing method, serving the mind, body and spirit.  You’ll be laying on a massage table, the room will be very relaxing and there will be music playing.  You will remain fully clothed during the entire session.  Many people report feeling a sense of deep relaxation during Reiki sessions.  Some even fall asleep.  Reiki sessions generally last for about 50 to 60 minutes each.

Please note, I provide Reiki sessions FREE of charge to women in 12-step recovery.  Otherwise, clients simply pay what is comfortable for them.  The usual range for a private Reiki session is $35 to $85.

Wishing you powerful support in your life.

With love and gratitude,


P.S.  to inquire about or arrange a Reiki session, simply email me at info@trustingyourbody.com


Why Do I Mean By Energetic Support?

The cycle of transformation has three phases:  Phase One is Opening, Phase Two is Chaos, and Phase Three is Mastery.

Think about your own life experiences.  Even the most sought-after, beneficial intentions for wonderful and positive growth (like getting sober for instance) have involved some chaos as patterns that no longer served you began to lift out…to make room for the new sober butterfly that you were becoming.  Eventually there was a smoothing out and more of a sense of calm as you began to experience mastery over being sober.

In fact, I bet you can think of a million other examples in your own life where the natural cycle of Transformation went through its three phases (Opening, Chaos and Mastery) and, as a result, you transformed.  An example might be when you got married or started a new relationship or when you began a new semester at school or a new job…or how about having a baby?!!!  Opening, Chaos, Mastery…the natural cycle of Transformation.

Well, CCT uses sacred geometry shapes (called healing chambers) to provide energetic support for the Phase Two Chaos stage.

gia combs-ramirez, founder of CCT, explains it further, “Why are sacred geometry shapes, which are extremely ordered, used in Phase Two which is associated with chaos?  Chaos is about releasing the bonds of old form. Just as hydrogen and oxygen molecules need to release their bonds from other molecules before they reform as water, certain elements in your life will release and reform when you are healing or manifesting.  Sacred geometry ensures that distortion in an existing form is released and that the reordering is at a higher level of order and organization than before.” (emphasis mine) ~combs-ramirez, gia (2013-04-05). Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System (Kindle Locations 765-769). Soluna Press. Kindle Edition.

All I can say is that it’s such a comfort to have that energetic support in place!!!  Yippee!

The CCT website further discusses what to expect after a CCT session HERE.  (A very helpful description!)